Getting Started

To get your HostedVirtualBox up and running go through following steps:


You’ve received a Username and Password, which will provide you direct access by logging in to:
You can work here directly on the available Linux Virtual Machine.


Besides the given HTML5 Client alternative Clients for Windows, Android, iOS and Linux Ubuntu are available, providing access anywhere, anytime.
You can access/download these Clients on


Alternatively you can upload your own Virtual Machine to HostedVirtualBox through the Uploader. When the Uploader is used the provided Linux Virtual Machine will be overwritten. The Uploader only works on Windows OS on your source/host computer.
To use the Uploader do go through following steps.
- Create a VirtualBox Virtual Machine with a hard disk image of maximum 100 GB, install an operating system and VirtualBox guest additions (VirtualBox V4.2).
- Download and run the HostedVirtualBox Manager application from
- Log in to the HostedVirtualBox Manager using your Username and Password.
- Select the local Virtual Machine to upload and click Upload machine.
- The upload process can take a while, when it is aborted, it can be resumed by repeating the same steps.